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Strong International Marketing Presence

Fast-tracking your buyer's discovery-to-contract-to-closing process requires your agent to (a) reach out to the correct buyers, and (b) well handle the friction points. In selecting the most digitally-savvy well-connected agent you’ll look for international reach, negotiating expertise and end-to-end process management skills. Ask me to "get the deal done" for you.

For your properties sale I provide you with, in addition to exposure geared for attracting international purchasers, successful millennials, sophisticated investors and qualified others, a custom dedicated website for your property that will remain online until I sell your property and close. Yes, and in addition, your property is featured in my Select Properties section as well as in custom emailings and naturally the MLS unless you instruct me to not utilize the MLS for privacy reasons.

By the way, when shoppers search for their new homes on broker and agent websites it’s well know such searching can be a frustrating experience. It doesn't need to be that way for them, and beneficially for you we've fixed that problem. Being a millennial myself and having grown up with the Internet, I designed the User Experience ("UX") on Osmars.com to make it easy to discover your home.

“I personally prepare a current market analysis for you, it's my pleasure – and it's free”
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Step 1: Marketing Matters, Select Your Agent Wisely

Professionals are trusted because they a) have knowledge and perform research, b) are level-headed and c) execute well. Determining professionally is the first step. The agent you select should demonstrate his or her professionalism in public every day... both on the Internet and in the news. Avoid agents where suspicions lurk... check the news to see if the agent you might be considering has been involved in lawsuits. Seek out an agent with marketing savvy geared for today's buyers, meaning one with a distinguished online presence.

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Step 2: List With The Agent You Trust

A good agent gets your property discovered by more qualified potential buyers. In the old days that meant mailing flyers, dumping postcards in condo mail rooms and slapping a third-party provisioned search tool online. Today, marketing means so much more. Agents just typing your property into the MLS system are probably out of touch. When we meet I will show you how next-gen online marketing helps more qualified buyers discover your property. If the agent's website's search looks like the 1990s or they claim they're big on Facebook it's a red flag for buyers, and therefore should be for you too.

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Step 3: Expect Excellent Communications From Signing To Closing

The better agents progress your purchase and sale contract expeditiously to the signing phase, and do everything in their power for reaching a successful closing on schedule, meaning help you get your money without any loose ends that could cause delays –or worse, a 'walk'. Trust in the agent who communicates well with you, this signals the agent is also communicating well with your buyer and both attorneys. Select your agent for his or her willingness to accept your call at any hour and directly answer any questions. Select a well-spoken and articulate agent on day one, not after you've had a broken deal... which could signal a problem to the market.

Getting Your Real Estate Sold Well Is My Top Priority

“Contact me before signaling to anyone, even your most intimate confidants, of your intent to sell.”
“Request, fully at my expense, the custom website I put on the web to present your condo or house.”
“Expect excellent communication and follow-ups from me from this minute through to closing.”

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